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Since 1968, Outside In has transformed thousands of lives by helping break the cycles of chronic homelessness, poverty, and poor health among Portlands LGBTQIA+ community, people of color, those experiencing homelessness, and the underserved. Our health clinic and young adult programs strive to meet people where they are and provide safe, affirming spaces for our community to receive judgment-free care and support. Compassionate, Inclusive,  Innovative, Transformative, Courageous MAKE A NEW PATIENT APPOINTMENT TODAY We are welcoming new patients and look forward to being your medical home.

Outside our bubble rv. Outside outdoor. Outside inside out livin la vida loca lyrics. Outside out approach. Ive been brewing how to describe some key distinctions about the way we view our architecture, about how we see its role, and its relationship with everything else in its context. Seems to me that theres a simple two-axis matrix we can use for this: where we focus  – inside (centred on our own internal context) or outside (from the broader context, where everything is ‘the centre, all at the same time) where we look for the business-drivers – in  (looking inward to our own context) or out  (looking outward to the broader context) This gives us four types of perspectives onto the architecture(s) inside-in inside-out outside-out outside-in Note that each of these perspectives is valid in its own way. But if we use an inappropriate perspective for a given task, things can go very badly wrong – so we do need to be clear which perspective were using at any time, and why. Inside-in is where we focus on a single specific context, and assess it in its own terms. Within this perspective, we assume that the external business-drivers remain the same: its solely about the internal view, about enhancing internal consistency, internal efficiency and effectiveness. This is the kind of perspective we need for re-factoring code and the like so as to reduce technical-debt, or for the ‘clean up the mess type of architecture-work that must  be done to create stable foundations for subsequent strategic development. Inside-out is where we focus on a single context, and assess the impact of changes in the external business-drivers on that context. Everything external is viewed solely in terms of that context – such as in TOGAF ‘s ‘Business Architecture, which in essence is ‘anything not-IT that might affect IT, as a precursor to strategic review of IT-requirements and IT-architectures. This is a perspective that we do need for domain-architectures, such as TOGAFs focus on IT, in ITIL ‘s focus on IT-service-management, and in many aspects of BPM business-process management. Outside-out  is about understanding the broader context in its own terms, regardless of how our own organisation acts within the context; everywhere and nowhere is ‘the centre of the architecture, all at the same time. In other words, its about the ‘big-picture of the ‘extended-enterprise or ‘shared-enterprise context, independent of any of the specific actors within that context – a kind of ‘logical view of the context as a whole. These are the sets of views that we would develop in layers 0-2 (‘Enterprise, ‘Scope and ‘Business-services) in Enterprise Canvas, and usually form an essential precursor for an ‘outside-in view. Typical examples elsewhere in business include futures-development through methods such as causal layered analysis, and strategic-conversation such as in the long-running series of Shell Scenarios. Outside-in is about understanding our choices in how our own context can play a valued part within the broader shared-enterprise context. Typical examples of views used within this perspective include customer-journey mapping, value-network analysis  and whole-supply-chain modelling. Note, though, that this perspective is as much about our own organisations vision, values and policies in relation to those touchpoints and value-flows, as it is to the touchpoints etc themselves: the business-drivers for the overall shared-enterprise are described more within the ‘outside-out perspective, whereas this is more about that broader context interacts with our concerns and choices. Implications in EA practice For viable  enterprise -architectures,  all  of these perspectives will be required: inside-in, inside-out, outside-out and outside-in. A full-scope architecture-development would typically use these perspectives in the following sequence: inside-in: develop a broad understanding of what clean-up would be required within each domain in scope outside-out: develop a broad understanding of the overall business-ecosystem, in its own terms, independent of our own organisation outside-in: develop a broad to detailed understanding of how others would interact and transact with our organisation, from their  perspective inside-out  (usually together with a detailed inside-in) develop a detailed architecture for each domain, each from its own  perspective, drawing on each of the previous perspectives for guidance In practice, there will always be some iteration between these perspectives, and ‘inside-in and ‘outside-out can be switched-over if preferred. In effect, though, this sequence above defines the precursor-order: an ‘outside-in perspective will depend on clarity about the overall context, as described by ‘outside-out; and an ‘inside-out perspective will only  be viable if all of the other views are already in place. A narrow-scope domain-architecture development will often need to use only an ‘inside-out and/or ‘inside-in perspective. (This applies to all domain-architectures: IT, business-of-the-business, HR, environment, security, safety and so on. This will be valid  if  the broad-context work has already been done and is available to guide the selection of relevant ‘external business-drivers. If the broad-context work has not  been done, a narrow-scope development is almost guaranteed to cause architecture-fragmentation problems such as the infamous ‘business-IT divide. Very few current architecture-frameworks cover the full set of perspectives: TRAK is one of the rare examples here, though  DoDAF / MoDAF  also sort-of comply. Most other current mainstream ‘enterprise-architecture frameworks – such as TOGAF, CapGemini IAF  and  FEAF  – are actually domain-architectures, typically focussed primarily or exclusively on IT, and incorporating only either ‘inside-in and/or ‘inside-out perspectives. They can and usually do work well as guides for  domain -architectures; but without the ability to create or use ‘outside-out and/or ‘outside-in views, they are all but guaranteed to be problematic if attempts are made to use those frameworks for true whole-of-enterprise architectures. For example, as currently specified, TOGAF 9 Phase B ‘Business Architecture is actually an ‘inside-out view from an IT-specific perspective: in effect, ‘anything not-IT that might affect IT. It does not  include anything that does not directly affect IT. Given that IT typically represents some 3-5% of overall budget, and rarely more than 10% even in information-centric industries, the ‘anything that does not affect IT may well be a very large proportion of the organisations business. Since interdependencies between the non-IT items are likely to be at least as business-critical as those within IT and/or between the IT and non-IT items, this implies that TOGAF and similar frameworks should at present be used  only  for IT-specific domain-architectures. They should not  be used for whole-enterprise architectures, and cannot be used for business-architectures and other non-IT domain-architectures without extensive domain-specific adaptation – the methods for which are not described in the current framework-specifications. [Again, TOGAF and suchlike are very good enterprise- IT -architecture frameworks, but they are not  suitable for usage outside of that quite narrow scope. Describing them as enterprise -architecture frameworks is highly misleading: is there a risk that doing so could be an offence under the Trade Descriptions Act? 🙂] Again, a quick summary: for domain-architectures, inside-in and inside-out perspectives will usually suffice for full-scope enterprise-architecture, all four perspectives will be needed: inside-in, inside-out, outside-out and outside-in Hope this is useful, anyway – comments or questions, anyone? Update: For further ideas on ‘outside-in architectures, see: John Hagel: ‘ Unanswered Questions at Supernova 2007 ‘ (June 2007) Richard Veryard: ‘ Outside-In Architecture ‘ (August 2007) Fred Cummins: ‘ Outside-In Business Architecture with VDML ‘ (January 2012.

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Outside out patch in oocyte. Outside out disney. The word rarely turns up outside that context. and The word rarely turns up outside of that context. Which one is correct and why? asked Jan 23 '11 at 23:54 Anderson Silva Anderson Silva 10k 67 gold badges 110 silver badges 137 bronze badges The preposition/adverb, outside, and the compound preposition, outside of, both have the same meaning: beyond the boundaries/limits of _ The New Oxford American Dictionary provides an excellent exposition on the usage of these two: Outside of tends to be more commonly used in the US than in Britain, where outside usually suffices, but, like its cousin off of, it is colloquial and not recommended for formal writing. … The adverb outside is not problematic when referring to physical space, position, etc. I‘m going outside) but the compound preposition outside of is often used as a colloquial (and often inferior) way of saying except for, other than, apart from ( outside of what I just mentioned, I cant think of any reason not to. Besides possibly sounding more informal than desired, outside of may cause misunderstanding by suggesting physical space or location when that is not the point to be emphasized, or when no such sense is intended — consider the ambiguity in this sentence: outside of China, he has few interests. Does this mean that his primary interest is China? Or does it mean that whenever he is not in China, he has few interests? answered Jan 24 '11 at 0:05 Jimi Oke Jimi Oke 25. 4k 2 gold badges 70 silver badges 103 bronze badges 'Outside of' grates on my ear too! The 'of' is superfluous - and I was brought up to believe that brevity is the key to good writing: so unnecessary words should be omitted. answered Mar 19 '14 at 0:31 Nicky Nicky 31 1 bronze badge Let's consider two sentences: 1. Outside/Outside of Norway, the world's largest Norse community is in Minnesota. 2. The cemetery is located outside/outside of the town. In these two sentences, the term outside/outside of is used in two different ways. In the first sentence it means "apart from" or "anywhere other than in. Because the synonymous phrase ends with a preposition, the best term here is "outside of. " In the second sentence it means "beside" or "alongside. The best term here, I think, is "outside. " To summarize, if you could substitute the words "apart from" or other than in. use "outside of. If you could substitute the word "beside" or "alongside. use "outside. " I hope this is helpful. answered Jun 30 '16 at 17:58 Not the answer you're looking for? Browse other questions tagged prepositions sentence or ask your own question.

Outside outlets don't work. Outside outfitters. Outside. out. 2. Outside outlets not working. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English outside out‧side 1 / aʊtˈsaɪd / ●●● S1 W1 adverb, preposition 1 OUT/OUTSIDE a) not inside a building SYN outdoors OPP inside When we got up, it was still dark outside. Go and play outside. b) not inside a building or room but close to it Could you wait outside please. Ill meet you outside the theatre at two o'clock. outside of American English Several people were standing in the hallway outside of his room. c) out of a building or room We went outside to see what was happening. I opened the door and looked outside. 2 OUT/OUTSIDE a) not in a particular city, country etc She often travels outside the UK. b) close to a place, city etc but not in it We camped a few miles outside the town. Bolton is a mill town just outside Manchester. outside of American English Maritza, 19, lives in Everett, outside of Boston. 3 OUT/OUTSIDE beyond the limits or range of a situation, activity etc OPP within Its outside my experience, Im afraid. outside of especially American English children born outside of marriage 4 OUT/OUTSIDE if someone is outside a group of people, an organization etc, they do not belong to it Few people outside the government realized what was happening. from outside (something) The university administrators ignored criticism from outside. Management consultants were brought in from outside the company. 5 → outside of somebody/something 6 if the time that someone takes to do something, especially finish a race, is outside a particular time, it is greater than that time He finished in 10 minutes 22. 4 seconds, 4 seconds outside the record. THESAURUS outside not inside a building, but usually close to it Why dont you go outside and play? He was standing outside, smoking a cigarette. out outside – used mainly before the following prepositions or adverbs We slept out under the stars. Dont stand out in the rain – come inside. I can hear somebody out there. outdoors/out of doors away from buildings and in the open air – used especially when talking about pleasant or healthy things you do outside In the summer, we like to eat outdoors. Kids should spend as much time out of doors as possible. in the open air outside where the air is fresh Its good to exercise in the open air. Leave the wood to dry slowly in the open air. al fresco outside – used when talking about eating outside We prefer to dine al fresco. Examples from the Corpus outside • It's cold outside. • It's such a nice day. Why don't you play outside? • Lonnie, take the dog outside. • There were a couple of guards standing outside. • When I woke up it was still dark outside. • Could I speak with you outside in the hall for just a minute? • Outside, joggers in shorts and t-shirts ran by. outside of • They painted the outside of the house green. just outside • M., leased a 450, 000 house in Conyers, just outside Atlanta. • I found the stairs and headed down, catching her at the water fountain just outside the locker rooms. • Morrison, in seclusion at his home just outside the northeastern Oklahoma town of Jay, was not at the news conference. • Knock in rows of pegs just outside the patio boundary. • Williams fouled Hendrie just outside the penalty area on the Middlesbrough left. from outside (something) • Another growling seemed to be coming from outside, and the sound of something breathing heavily. • And maybe when a government has to defend its existence from outside enemies, that speeds up the process. • Scaffold stolen: Aluminium scaffolding worth more than 1, 000 has been stolen from outside Evenwood Community Centre. • Moreover, club directors were tolerably insulated from outside pressure. • Viewed from outside the confines of that self-absorbed city, Muni is an expense and a nightmare that brings virtually no benefit. • The catalyst for change, perhaps not surprisingly, has come from outside the family. • The tragedy is now being pieced together from a variety of reports from outside the immediate impact area. outside out‧side 2 / ˈaʊtsaɪd / ●●● S2 W2 adjective [ only before noun] 1 OUT/OUTSIDE not inside a building OPP inside We turned off the outside lights and went to bed. The house will need a lot of outside repairs before we can sell it. 2 INCLUDE involving people who do not belong to the same group or organization as you Outside observers said the election was free and fair. Consultants were brought in to provide some outside advice. 3 → the outside world 4 → outside interests/experiences etc 5 → an outside chance 6 → outside line/call etc 7 → an outside figure/estimate etc 8 → the outside lane Examples from the Corpus outside • In most cases allowances to members apply when the councillor attends such outside bodies. • There were seven applicants for the position, including three outside candidates. • The government uses outside contractors for some of the work. • We plan to hire an outside design team to produce our brochures. • Steve Cooper was standing in an outside doorway of the building he owns in downtown Olympia. • Investigators have concluded that outside influence drove numerous personnel decisions and resulted in slanted broadcasts. • Both sides say they are opposed to any outside interference in the conflict. • Outside observers believe that the election was conducted fairly. • You reach the apartment by going up an outside staircase at the back of the building. • The apartment is reached by an outside stairway. • an outside toilet • When my dad was growing up, they only had an outside toilet. outside out‧side 3 / aʊtˈsaɪd, ˈaʊtsaɪd / ●●● S3 noun 1 → the outside 2 → on the outside 3 → at the (very) outside Examples from the Corpus outside • From the outside, the glass wall allows a lighted view of all three levels of the arena. • Write a number on the outside of each box. • In some countries it is only permissible to pass on the outside. • Election officials check the signatures on the outside of the envelope against a master file of signatures. • It would also involve such measures as not purchasing a bag with a mobile phone holder prominently attached to the outside. 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